Here are samples of the programs the Duo offers.
For a complete list, please call or e-mail:

A Latin American in Paris
Ponce ~ Sonata Breve
R. Halffter ~ Pastorale Op.18
Ravel ~ Tzigane (or Sonate Posthume)
Prokofiev ~ Five Melodies, Op. 35a
Chavez ~ Sonatina (1924)
Ginastera ~ Pampeana no.1

Mozart: The Great Late Sonatas
Sonata in E-flat, K.380
Sonata in B-flat, K.454
Sonata in E-flat, K.481
Sonata in A, K.526


Romantic Sonatas
Brahms ~ Sonata Op.78
Granados ~ Sonata
Respighi ~ Sonata in B minor

Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms
Mozart ~ Sonata in A, K.526
Beethoven ~ Sonata in A minor Op.23
Brahms ~ Sonata in D minor Op.108




The Chatham-Wood Duo performing at the Spring Member Event for WWFM The Classical Network. Holly is playing the Steinway Roger Williams Limited Edition Gold Piano. (photo courtesy of WWFM The Classical Network)